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Horizontal Case Erectors

Our state-of-the-art fully automatic case erectors (horizontal) are specially designed to erect square cartons quickly and fail-safe. Your products are safely and securely prepared for shipping or distribution in our horizontal case erectors. Thanks to their compact design, our case erectors can be integrated into almost any packaging line so that your internal packaging process can run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Technical Details:

Work steps:

    1. In the first step, the exact carton size is determined and the parameters of the carton erector are set accordingly.
    2. The cartons must then be carefully placed in the machine's input tray.
    3. The cartons are now sent into the machine one after the other.
    4. The front and bottom sides of the cartons are unfolded, then the machine folds the right and left sides.
    5. Finally, the bottom of the carton is sealed.

    Packing cereal bars in cartons with the horizontal case erector from alpha-pack

    Erecting cartons with the automatic case erector

    Packing printer cartridges in cartons with our case erector

    Packing small products in cartons with the case erector

    Packaging of various products with the case erector

    Machine Information on KAR-30T

    • KAR-30T
      Carton Size:
      280 mm ≤  L ≤ 420 mm *

      180 mm ≤ B ≤ 280 mm *
      100 mm ≤ H ≤ 370 mm *
      L + B ≤ 700 mm *
      200 mm ≤ H + B/2 ≤ 500 mm *

      Tape Width:48 - 72 mm
      Working Speed (cartons/min):20 - 25 **
      Machine Dimensions:L 2780 mm x B 1250 mm x H 1850 mm
      Power Supply:220V /380V, 50 HZ
      Air Pressure:6 kgf/cm², 450 nl/min
      N.W. /G.W. (kg):1000 / 1150

    * It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions.

    ** The output quantities per minute are average values, depending on film type, thickness, product dimension as well as machine handling.

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