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Filling and Capping Machines for heavy bags (12-15kg)

Technical details:

  • hygienic machine material (stainless steel)
  • easy to clean
  • short changeover times in a few minutes
  • integratable additional modules (gas flushing, weighing systems, double sealing)
  • user-friendly machine design
  • reduced dust flying through bottom-up filling
  • empty bag capacity >400 bags
  • open machine design allows easy and quick maintenance
  • TUV explosion protection test
  • customized special design - for special widths or special feeding systems

Different Models:

  • DEAPB-550D
    Filling Capacity:10-25 kg
    Filling Accuracy:±10-30g
    Bag Size:Length: 750-1050mm
    Width: 450-580mm
    Packaging Speed:up 300 bags / min (depending on product)**


*It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions.

 ** The output per minute are average values, depending on film type, thickness, product dimension as well as machine handling.

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