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Vertical Pillow Bag Machines

What is a vertical pillow bag machine?

Pillow bag machines, also called flow wrapping machines, offer a fast and fully automatic solution for packaging various products in polypropylene, polyolefin, cellophane and laminating films. In vertically operating flow wrapping machines, webs of packaging film are pulled over a forming shoulder and fed from the bottom or top.

How does a vertical pillow bag machine work?

The film is sealed longitudinally and transversely by extremely stable sealing seams. The fully automatic pillow bag machine processes transparent and printed films; here, the flow wrapping machine is individually adapted to the product. The product is fed manually or automatically via a transport chain. The processing of heat-sealable films such as PP, CPP, OPP, laminate, and aluminum films in a wide variety of bag designs is possible.

Where are vertical pillow bag machines used?

Vertical pillow bag machines are mainly used in manufacturing companies. With their help, a wide variety of products from a wide variety of industries can be packaged in tubular bags. Pillow bags are packaging materials supplied in tubular form, which are opened, filled and sealed on the flow wrapping machines.

For which products are the vertical pillow bag machines suitable?

Our machines can be used for the following products, among others:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Food products such as bakery products or frozen foods, fruits and vegetables
  • Bulk products
  • Technical products
  • Hardware products
  • and many more.

What distinguishes our vertical pillow bag machines?

Our machines have a very high cycle rate, i.e. they fill and seal many bags within a given period of time. The fact that they can be used without interruption even during film roll change ensures a high level of productivity and efficiency. Vertical pillow bag machines therefore meet all the requirements for reliability and at the same time guarantee ease of operation at low cost.

Of course, printed films can also be used on our vertical flow wrapping machines. If you use our pillow bag machine in combination with a printer, for example, batch numbers, barcodes, product data and much more can be printed directly during the packaging process.

We manufacture according to your individual requirements and special designs are also possible. Contact us for more information.

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