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Case Erector (Eco-line), semi-automatic

The KAR-CF-10T case erector (bottom flap folder) with filling station is a low-cost entry-level model. In the erecting process, cartons in length 200 to 600 mm and width 150 to 480 mm are fixed for filling and pneumatically transferred to the next station.

  • standard running direction: right/left
  • pneumatic closing of the bottom side for filling
  • Color: black / gray
  • Technical Details
    Machine Dimensions (mm):

    ca. 1400 x 950 x 800mm (LxWxH)

    Carton Weight:max. 40 kg
    Carton Length:min. 200mm / max. 600mm
    Carton Width:min. 150mm / max. 480mm
    Carton Height:min. 120mm / max. 500mm
    Working Height:700 - 800mm
    Weight:approx. 110 kg
    Max. Connected Load:0,6 kW
    Pressure Air:6 bar dry air
    Electrical Connection:230 V / 50Hz
    Working Temperature:+5°C / +35°C