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Doypack Stand-Up-Pouches - Filling and Capping Machines

Our filling and capping machines fill and seal prefabricated stand-up pouches of various bag types such as flat bags, pressure-sealed bags and slide-sealed bags.

On request, we can supply you with both rotating and static filling and capping machines.

Our static filling and capping machine is the cost-effective entry alternative to complex linear filling machines or rotary machines. It achieves cycle times of up to 12 pieces/minute. The stand-up pouches are directly transported via a pouch magazine and filled and sealed in the machine.

The horizontal filling and capping machine, rotating around 8 stations, fills and seals Doypack stand-up pouches with cycle times of up to 40 pcs/min. The compact design of the rotary machine is very space-saving and can be flexibly adjusted to different bag widths. The rotary DEAP series is the cost-effective alternative to complex linear filling machines without costly set-up times. The stand-up pouches are conveyed via a pouch magazine and are filled and sealed rotating in 8 working stations. 

Our aim is to supply the right machine for your individual needs. Alpha-pack offers you high-quality automatic packaging machines for doypack bags. Let us advise you if you need individual special constructions. As a manufacturer, we can respond to your requirements. 

Your advantages with alpha-pack:

- Stand-up pouches and machine from a single source

- Reliable customer service

- As a manufacturer we also supply special constructions

- Fast set-up times