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Pillow Bag Machine - Swing

Flow-Wrapping Machines for pastries and vegetables - quickly and flexibly applicable

The Swing Pillow Bag Machines can be used in three different positions, depending on the product. They can be adjusted horizontally or vertically. The Pillow Bag Machines can be also inclined by 90 degrees. Optionally, all parts of the Swing-600 are available in stainless steel design and can be removed from the machine in cases of maintenance or cleaning. This machine additionally offers the possibility to install extensions such as photocells for printed films, a printer for e.g. best-before dates or an automatic feeder. 

Our FWL-line is ideally applicable in areas of pastries, vegetables, fruits or meat products at small batch sizes.

Technical Details

  • flowpacker for vertical and horizontal application
  • 3 different packaging positions selectable depending on the product: titled by 90 degrees, vertical, horizontal 
  • product input on the left side 
  • all machine parts can be removed easily in cases of maintenance or cleaning 
  • safety protection covers / emergency signal lamp  
  • possibility to install photocells, a printer or an automatic feeder 

Nero-Pack Pilow Bag Machine Swing-600: Product Video

Technical Details

Packing speed:up to 25 pieces / minute**
Maximum reel width:600 mm
Maximum product height:140 mm
Maximum product length:1000 mm
Minimum product length:600 mm
Product width:50-280 mm*
Film reel diameter:max. 300 mm
Supply voltage:230 V
Power:2,0 kW
Machine weight:
approx. 300 kg

* It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions

** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling

Additional Options:

  • stainless steel design for application in the food sector 
  • photocells for printed films
  • perforation wheels
  • euro standard perforation hanger holes
  • motorized infeed conveyor belt
  • motorized outfeed conveyor belt 
  • thermal transfer printer
  • label applicator
  • rotary plate for finished products