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3-layer disposable mouth and nose protectors (medical surgery masks)

As a manufacturer of mask making machines we have the opportunity to produce mouth and nose protectors ourself. The high filtration capacity of our mouth and nose protectors shelters against the spread of viruses. The mouth and nose protectors are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Thanks to an integrated metal bow in the upper edge of the mouth and nose protector, the protector can be pressed against the bridge of the nose to ensure a perfect fit. Depending on the production batch, the appearance of the product can differ slightly from the pictures. However, please do not worry, the use and protective function of the mouth and nose protector will not be affected by the different design/color.

Our disposable 3-layer mouth and nose protectors at a glance:

Features Real Care - Cara + Cara Comfort surgical masks according to EN14683:

  • Color: cream white inside, blue outside (all rainbow colors possible)
  • 3-layer, integrated soft ear band, prevents cutting into the back of the ear  
  • Wider mask shape, ideal for spectacle wearers - without fogging up
  • Material: non-woven fabric - Samrold brand.
  • Bfe ≥ 98%.
  • Test standard: EN 14683 (medical)
  • Also available as children's masks (smaller pattern)

You have sufficient space for your own production line and require larger quantities of mouth and nose protectors?

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