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Thermal Transfer Printer

With thermal transfer printers (TTO printers - Thermal Transfer Overprinting), products in packaging films, tubular bags, lidding films and glossy cartons can be printed directly without the need for an additional label. This makes the thermal transfer printers particularly economical to operate. With the TTO printers, markings such as batch numbers, ingredients and best-before dates can be applied reliably and in high resolution. Because the printers can operate at high speeds, they are particularly well suited for use in production environments. The printers also offer numerous other advantages, including long ribbons, error prevention features and ease of operation. The state-of-the-art operation of the systems minimizes costs and downtime that ordinary printers involve (ribbon changes and production changeovers).

As a retailer, we offer thermal transfer printers from the following manufacturers: Domino, Bluhm and Videojet.

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