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Check Weighers

Use the advanced digital signal processing of our alpha-pack Check Weighers and obtain a fast and reliable weighing result. Our Check Weighers are particularly user-friendly thanks to the integrated touch display and very easy to maintain due to the detachable conveyor belt. The Check Weigher impresses with its sophisticated data statistics function allowing the user to store and evaluate large quantities of data.

DEAP-8BT with Check Weigher: dried fruits

MLP-04 with Check Weigher: washing lotion

Different Models:

  • DEAPCW-200-1
    Weighing range:5-200 g
    Belt width:160 mm
    Belt sizeL 350 mm x W160 mm 
    Max. speed:100 ppm**
    Max. belt speed:50 m/min

  • DEAPCW-200-2
    Weighing range:5-200 g
    Belt width:100 mm
    Belt sizeL 450 mm x W100 mm 
    Max. speed:150 ppm**
    Max. belt speed:70 m/min

  • DEAPCW-1000-1
    Weighing range:10-1000 g
    Belt width:220 mm
    Belt sizeL 450 mm x W 220 mm 
    Max. speed:90 ppm**
    Max. belt speed:50 m/min

  • DEAPCW-2000-1
    Weighing range:20-2000 g
    Belt width:300 mm
    Belt sizeL 450 mm x W 300 mm 
    Max. speed:80 ppm**
    Max. belt speed:50 m/min

  • DEAPCW-6000-1
    Weighing range:100-6000 g
    Belt width:400 mm
    Belt sizeL 850 mm x W 400 mm 
    Max. speed:70 ppm**
    Max. belt speed:50 m/min

  • DEAPCW-30000-1
    Weighing range:1000-30000 g
    Belt width:500 mm
    Belt sizeL 800 mm x W 500 mm 
    Max. speed:40 ppm**
    Max. belt speed:30 m/min

 ** The output quantities per minute are averages depending on film type, thickness, product dimension and machine handling. 

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